If Your Email Welcome Series Isn't Generating Money Then You're Doing It Wrong

Email is far from dead, in fact, if used effectively it can easily become your highest revenue driver. For some of my clients, email is their highest converting source. And for good reason, when done right email (especially a welcome series) is really effective.

All email marketing should start and must start with a Welcome Series. It's going to be the entry point where customers will really get to know your brand.

Did you know that a welcome series email can generate 3x more revenue for your business than a single welcome email? (Experian) Welcome series are powerful.

Your new subscribers are going to be your most active subscribers with open rates going above 60%, (Klaviyo)so why not stretch out the welcome?

Here’s a few reasons why you should run a Welcome Series:

  1. It gives multiple opportunities for the sale. You aren’t just sending one email and then no follow up. A series is giving multiple chances for conversion.

  2. Build Trust. The series is a perfect time to not only offer them something, but also to tell them a bit more about how your product will serve them. It’s also a great place to throw in reviews from happy customers.

  3. You are informing without overwhelming. Have you ever received a welcome email from a company that has so much stuff in in you don’t know where to begin? By creating a series you can sell all you want to say over multiple emails.

  4. Repetition is key. The Rule of 7 states your customer needs to see your branding and message 7 times before they will buy from you. As you repeat your message you are building a relationship with your customer.

  5. They make money. Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue per email basis than other promotional emails. (Invespcro) Do we need to say more?

Now that you know why you should be running a welcome series time to go over the how.

1. Automate, automate, automate. Klaviyo has great email flow solutions. A lot of them can be used right out of the box. By automating you are letting the software do the work. You set up the emails with a few simple triggers, the email service provider (ESP) will then determine when to deliver and who to deliver to. Here’s one I recently set up:

You see it starts when a person has taken an action (signed up for email) they then move through the welcome series only if they don’t purchase. If they do purchase, then they move out of this flow and into an engaged email group that gets sent different messaging. I always like one that creates a sense of urgency if there is a discount code being given.

2. Give the people something they want. DO NOT ADD A POP UP THAT SAYS SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTERS. No one wants your newsletter. They want something valuable. For e-commerce, this typically comes in the form of some coupon, it could be for free shipping or for a discount. Whatever it is, your first email will contain the goods. Your customer will receive this email after they’ve signed up to receive what you're offering. They may have signed up when they visited your site or from an ad they saw on Facebook or somewhere else.

3. Craft your welcome series. Consider what you want to include in your series. Your first email should be the delivery of the offer, but after that you need to construct a plan. Some ideas:

  1. “How we solve your problem”

  2. “What customers say about us”

  3. “Our top sellers”

  4. “What makes our product unique”

  5. "Why this product is the best"

4. Create compelling subject lines. Give them a reason to open your email. A subject line like “Our Story” for a shoe line is not compelling but something like “Why I traded in my corporate job to start (insert company name here)” gives you more reason to open up the email and read about the company's story.

5. Clarify an action. Don’t just send an email with a bunch of words or images without an action. Make it clear you want them to buy from you with CTAs throughout your email.

6. Consider timing. Your first email should be sent as soon as they sign up. Send the rest out as frequently as you send other promotional emails. This will get them to understand what to expect from you.

7. Test and the test again. Try different subject lines and send times. Include different calls to action in your email. While automation allows you to set it and semi-forget it don’t forget to show your welcome series some love and make tweaks where necessary.

The last step is the most important. Don't get discouraged - sometimes you think you've created a great offer to get people to sign up and it's a total bust. Try a different approach! While automation allows you to "set it and forget it" you can only do that after it's proven to a be successful campaign. (and even then I'd advise against it!)

If you are in need of help with building out your Welcome Series. Schedule a free consultation. In the meantime, check out 7 Ways To Increase Your Conversions Without Spending A Dollar.

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